Bladder Infection


  • Urinate frequently
  • Urge
  • Burning sensation when urinating
  • Small bits pee
  • Sometimes, blood in the urine
  • No fever, at most slight increase.


  • Keep drinking a lot for a few days, the symptoms often disappear spontaneously.
  • If symptoms are severe or last longer than one week ask for an antibiotic

I keep complaints. I’m not sick,  I have no pain in my back and do not have high fever:

  • You have a simple bladder infection and you can order an antibiotic (online and by telephone) to the assistant. An appointment is not necessary.

When should I make an appointment to have your urine checked?

  • If you have alarm symptoms such as high fever and backache
  • If you have a cystitis frequently (more than 3-5 per year)
  • If the antibiotic has no effect after a few days
  • If you are pregnant or have diabetes

How do I revise my urine?

Spend 2 hours after you urinate morning urine to our practice. An appointment is not necessary.

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