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Often a doctor’s appointment is not necessary. 

Check here if you can solve it yourself.

  • PLEASE NOTICE: There are three locations: location Hanzeplein 121, Zernike 17 and Noorderhaven 32.
  • Appointments can be scheduled up to 14 days in advance
  • An appointment for a surgical procedure can only be made by telephone.
  • If you are too  late for your appointment we are forced to move it. 
  • You can only make an appointment if you are registered !
  • We are not allowed to issue a health certificate and we cannot help you with this. For this you must make an appointment with an independent doctor, for example with
  • You can go to the assistant for flushing your ears, removing stitches, making injections,  wart treatment and help with STD’s. For everything else you have to go to the doctor. If you do book an appointment for something else, it will be canceled because the assistant cannot help with this.

If you can’t come to your appointment please cancel your appointment! You can cancel your by mailing or calling us. 

CLICK HERE to book an appointment.

For small questions or for repeat prescriptions you can email us at 

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