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Often a doctor’s appointment is not necessary.

You can check it yourself!   LOOK AT GPINFO.NL

Due to the covid-19 measures is it not possible yet to schedule online a face to face appointment. A phone consultation is possible to schedule.

Ofcourse we will help you with medical issues that cannot wait. Call the assistant for this.

Beware: we cannot give the care that we normally do. You cannot walk in for a question or a receipt. Treatment on short notice is not possible. 

All the appointments that will be scheduled  consultation with one of the assistants, if you have a cold or feverish then let us know.

  • There are three locations: location Hanzeplein, location Zernike and location Noorderhaven.
  • Only call the emergency telephone when you need a doktor instantly. In case of a life-threatening emergency call 112

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