Travel Advice (No Covid-19 Test)

Have you planned a vacation or trip to a place that requiers a travel vacination?

StudentArts is a member of the LCR. We can vaccinate you with the right vaccinations before you travel. With three locations in Groningen, there is always a place close to you to stop by.

The vaccinations and the consultation are immediately settled. The rates are:

Consultation 23.95 Follow-up consultation 13.95

Vaccination booklet 4.95

Hepatitis A 53.95 Hepatitis B 42.95 Hepatitis A+B 59.95

DTP 26.95 Typhoid 64.95 Rabies 73.95 Tick ‚Äč‚Äčencephalitis (FSME) 56.95 Japanese encephalitis 133.9

We do not perform a PCR CORONA COVID test ourselves!!! And do not give a yellow fever vaccination.

Click here to fill in the questions and than make an appointment for travel advice

Please contact the practice when you need travel advice. We do not preform Covid tests.

Get vaccinated before your trip StudentArts in Groningen is happy to provide you with all the necessary information about the vaccinations that you need. Do you have any questions about a travel vaccination? Send an email to

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