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Do you have a vacation or other trip planned to a place that requires a travel vaccination? StudentArts is a member of the LCR. We can immunize you with the right vaccinations before you travel. Vaccinations and consultation are charged directly.

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The prices are:

Consultation€29,95Hepatitis A€65,95
Follow up€15,95Hepatitis B€54,95
DTP €33Hepatitis A+B€75,95
Buiktyfus €43,95Teken encefalitis (FSME)€62,95
Rabiës€88,95Emergency consultation
(departure within 48 hours)

It is NOT possible to get the Yellow Fever vaccine with us, for this we refer to the GGD.
The cost of the emergency consultation is in addition to the normal cost. For an emergency consultation, we should be contacted by phone.

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Note: Make sure that you fill in the form FIRST and then book an appointment. If you book an appointment without filling in the form we cannot help you and the appointment will be cancelled.

Why a travel vaccination?

If you have planned a vacation, business trip or other trip to certain areas, you may need a travel vaccination. This is because traveling to countries in Asia, Africa, the Americas, around the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe and the Caribbean carries health risks. Infectious diseases occur in these countries. These include hepatitis A, typhoid fever, yellow fever and malaria. In addition, hygiene conditions are often poor. This can also lead to disease. Our specialists in Groningen know exactly which vaccinations to administer so that you can travel safely. Some travel vaccinations are divided into two parts to fully protect you from the disease in question. There are also vaccinations that are given 3 times.

Find out which travel vaccination is wise for you

If you are going to an area that carries health risks, our staff in Groningen will not only present you with the mandatory travel vaccinations, but also other vaccinations that are wise for your planned trip. For example, are you going backpacking and not yet sure which countries you will visit? Then also get vaccinated for the areas you might want to visit during your trip. It’s better to be safe than sorry if you don’t want to be at risk for certain diseases.

Get vaccinated before your trip

StudentArts in Groningen will gladly provide you with all the necessary information about the vaccinations you need. Click here to make an appointment for travel advice and vaccinations. Do you still have questions about a travel vaccination? Then send an email to

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