How much time can I schedule?

  • For a simple complaint, 10 minutes are sufficient
  • For every additional complaint 10 minutes extra
  • For IUD and Implanon injection; 30 min
    Read the explanations and instructions for inserting a Mirena/ Copper spiral/ IUD
  • Small surgery: 30 min.

What’s the price of a consultation?

  • For AON and EHIC insurance, consultation fee is send directly, so no costs
  • Consultation 5-20 min € 39.12
  • Consultation >20 min € 78.25
  • CRP poct meting € 14,95

What should I do to register with StudentArts?

  • Sign up online
  • Come to the office with your insurance card (EHIC or AON), or send a scan/ copy

How can I change my Address?
Send an email to info@studentarts.nl we change it at the spot

Do I haver a regular GP?
You will be registered under the name of the practice holder, Goedhart.
However, you can choose any doctor of your choice, keep in mind that all GPs work part-time and are not always available. Then you can choose another family doctor.

Are all the GP’s qualified?
Yes. There is no one in training.

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