Unfortunately, we are currently seeing more and more people with scabies. Scabies is not only very annoying but also contagious. We notice that often treatment is done without a scabies mite present. Therefore, we have started a special scabies consultation where we use a dermatoscope to see if there actually is scabies present.


If you have had close contact with a person with scabies, the advice is to do the treatment with permitrine cream immediately, even if you do not have symptoms. Does your roommate have scabies? Then treat collectively with the whole house at once. 

Indication for an appointment:

  • Itchy bumps/galls on the skin.
  • Nighttime itching. 
  • Last treatment was longer than 6 weeks ago and still having symptoms.


Click here to schedule an appointment for the scabies check. If the complaint isn’t related to scabies we will cancel the appointment. Are you not registered at Studentarts yet and you do want an appointment? Then first register here.


What is scabies and how do I recognize it?

Scabies is a skin disease caused by a scabies mite. The most common complaint is (nighttime) itching. This is usually between your fingers, on your wrists, in your armpits, on the side of your hand but also around the navel, nipple (in women), penis and ankles.

Fortunately, scabies is very harmless, though it is very important that you treat it properly. If you live with more people in one house, always treat at the same time.


What’s the best treatment?

We use the following treatment;

day 0 – Apply Permetrin cream + Ivermectin tablets

day 7 – Ivermectin tablets


How quickly will I be rid of it?

In 90% of cases, one application is enough. You are no longer contagious 12 hours after the treatment. The mites and eggs die quickly, unfortunately the itching can persist for 4 to 8 weeks. We often see after treatment that the itching gets worse for a while. This is partly a side effect of the treatment and partly due to an allergic reaction in the skin to breakdown products of the mite. Because of this, it is quickly thought that the treatment did not work and then it’s thought that another treatment is needed. Though, this is mostly not needed. The skin needs to settle down and this takes time. Make an appointment at the scabies consultation if you get new bumps and itching after several weeks. A dermatoscope can then be used to see if the scabies is still present.

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