Studentarts uses ZIVVER for the secure transmission of privacy-sensitive information. We regularly send privacy-sensitive information via e-mail. By sending an e-mail via ZIVVER, we guarantee that confidential information is sent using state-of-the-art security. And that no one else but you can read the content of the e-mail.

What do you notice from using ZIVVER?
You can always count on the care you are used to from us, plus the guarantee that the content of the e-mail message can only be read by yourself. After all, we don’t want to share privacy-sensitive information with others. When you receive an e-mail sent securely via ZIVVER, you open a link that ZIVVER sends you. There is no need to create an account. And, of course, ZIVVER will never send you advertising.

How to open a message sent via ZIVVER?
Have you received an e-mail from us via ZIVVER? Then open this message by clicking on the blue link marked “Click for message”. You will then be automatically redirected to the ZIVVER web page. Here you have to enter a password. The e-mail you received also contains your password. This is personal for everyone.

Would you like to respond to an e-mail message sent via ZIVVER?
You will read the message sent via ZIVVER on a secure web page similar to a mail programme. If you want to respond to the message, you can do so directly from this page. Below the received message, you can type a message to respond. You send this response by clicking the send button. When there is another reaction, you will receive an e-mail notification.

Notify us of changes to your e-mail address and telephone number!
It is important that you inform us immediately of any changes to your e-mail address or telephone number. This way we can continue to communicate securely with you. You can report changes to us via the website.

More about ZIVVER
ZIVVER provides a solution for secure messaging via e-mail, chat and file transfer. ZIVVER encrypts messages with sensitive content such as patient data, BSN numbers or other information you want to send securely. If you send a message via ZIVVER, it is guaranteed to be secure. That means: guaranteed that no one other than the sender and receiver can read the message. So not even hackers. In addition, ZIVVER prevents organisations from sending sensitive information to the wrong person.

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